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Common Verbs/ Phrases

To taste funny:
(Đồ ăn) có vị lạ (có thể đã hỏng hoặc ôi thiu)
Some medicines can make your mouth dry. Having a dry mouth can cause food to taste funny and make it hard to swallow.

To take a bite:
Cắn một miếng nhỏ
If your baby's been feeding himself small foods successfully, you can let him take bites from large pieces of soft foods that dissolve easily.

To take a sip:
Uống 1 ngụm nhỏ
If a girl encourages you in any way to take a sip of her drink, she is subconsciously telling you that she is comfortable with you on a more intimate level.

To give smb a taste of smt:
Đưa cho ai cái gì đó ăn thử
If you are poor, the best way to avoid being hungry is go to the supermarket where they often give customers a taste of their new products.

To spice:
Thêm gia vị
My family and I enjoy eating out. We especially like to sample different ethnic cuisines like Thai, Mexican and Italian. But I'm not very fond of Indian cuisine because it is usually spiced heavily.

To get a taste of:
Nếm thử

You might notice that a variety of foods taste sweeter or juicier after cooking. So it’s best to get a taste of your food while cooking.

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